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Here at Dynamic Gas, we never want you to feel uneasy or unsure about your payment options

We believe in being transparent with all of our customers and we want you to know the ins and outs of what we do.

You have three simple options to choose from when choosing Dynamic Gas to install your new boiler:

Payment on completion

You can just pay for your new boiler installation in one go upon completion of the job. We do get some customers who come to us after seeing our website, that actually don't need our finance options. This is actually fine – we don't want you to take out a loan or set up a rental agreement unless you have to. Your new boiler replacement should be as simple as possible and so should paying for it.

Boiler rental

This is our most popular option. No credit check or interest and only a small deposit to pay. Ownership of the boiler transfers to you when the final monthly instalment of the rental agreement is received. If you have a poor credit history, a bad credit rating, or doubts about passing a credit check, choose this option as the monthly payments are affordable. You can choose the length of your agreement, from 1 to 7 years. You end up owning the boiler once the rental agreement has finished.

Boiler finance

If you would like to spread the cost of your installation on finance, we can complete the finance application through one of our trusted partners. There is a credit check involved and the credit is subject to status. APR will vary depending on the application. We do not make any commission for introducing you to a third party lender.

Don't be put off from getting a quote from us if you have not got a perfect credit history. We don't do any credit checks for the Boiler Rental Scheme so our acceptance rate is very high. Below are some of the things that may affect your credit:

CCJ (County Court Judgement)

A CCJ is issued by a judge when you've had trouble repaying a debt. This will have quite a negative impact on your credit score and will make most high street lenders turn you away.

IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)

An IVA is an agreement between you and a creditor that details a payment schedule in order for you to repay your debt. An IVA can stay on your credit file for over 6 years making it difficult to get credit.


Bankruptcy is a legal status that usually lasts for a year. However, it will stay on your credit report for seven years. You'll be happy to know we work with all of the above. Our Boiler Rental Scheme works on affordability not past credit. The only searches we do are through Land Registry to prove ownership of the property.

How Can Dynamic Gas Help You?

You never speak to an answer machine here at Dynamic Gas

The customer is our No.1 priority so there is always an engineer with expert knowledge waiting at the end of the phone to help you and work out what your best options are.

The last thing you need are rip-off sales people over selling, leaving you with things you never needed!

We don't employ sales people – the engineer that fits your boiler is likely to be the one who advised you during the survey.

All our engineers are Gas Safe Registered

Having your new boiler installed should be as straight forward as possible. All our engineers are trained to the highest of standards.

No Credit Check – We pass 9/10 Customers That Failed a High Street Lenders Credit Check

For the boiler rental scheme we don't credit check our customers; instead we run a land registry check to confirm ownership of the property. This is how we pass 9 out of 10 customers that a high-street lender refused during a credit check.

Choose The Length of Your Agreement from 1 to 7 Years

You are in full control of the length of the agreement, what your monthly rental payments are what date you would like the payments to be taken. If you want to rent your boiler for a year, you can. If you want as low a monthly rental payment as possible, choose to rent the boiler over as long as seven years.

At The End Of The Agreement, The Boiler Is Yours to Keep

Once the rental period has come to an end there are no bubble payments or settlement charges. You pay your final month's instalment and the job is done.

Get A Boiler Installed within 48 Hours

Whilst we ideally would like a bit more notice, unfortunately when your boiler breaks down it's always at the worst moment. That's why we can wrap up the agreement and get your new boiler fitted even with 48 hours notice, so you are not without heating or hot water for a long time.

We don't fit a boiler brand you've never heard of

We offer two of the best names in the business when it comes to boilers. The Viessmann boiler comes with a 10 year warranty and the Worcester Bosch is the number one seller, year on year.

Get the best guarantee for 10 years

Once you've had a new boiler fitted, you don't want it going wrong over the years. That's why the Viessmann boilers we fit come with a 10 year guarantee, so you get ten years of stress-free heating and hot water.

You don't pay until you are 100% happy!

Our reputation is the key to our business, which is why you won't pay penny to us until the 100% satisfied with our work.

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